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Le WalkingGeek offers you an essential choice for your life outside
Pro, Gamer and you who are never at home, pedestrian, athlete or voyager stay connected all time!
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    Silicone wristband engraved "Enlightened"  You, game and green fan, shine colors of your team ;) 

    1,00 €
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    Silicone wristband phosphorescent green engraved "Enlightened" Becomes phosphorescent after exposure to a light source.  You, game and green fan, shine colors of your team ;)

    1,20 €
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    Silicone wristband engraved "Resistance" You, game and blue fan, shine colors of your team ;)

    1,00 €
  • 18,40 €

    Glyph Me I'm Fabulous Tee-shirt Contact us! Send an email at contact@lewalkinggeek.com

    18,40 €
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    Compatible: Any Micro USB-charged phones, tablets and other devices

    6,99 €
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    Astro E6 2nd Gen is the perfect external battery for your travels!PowerIQ amp-adjustment technology intelligently identifies your device to deliver its fastest possible chargePower to keep you going, and going...and going. Add up to 5* charges to a smartphone, 2* charges to a tablet or multiple charges to pretty much anything else *Depends on the capacity...

    48,00 €
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    Microfiber small cushion to clean smartphone, tablet or computer screen ! Baya pattern for geek attitude ! Made in France

    8,00 €
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    Connects to your computer, USB Adapter or External Battery with a small size perfect for traveling ;)

    5,90 €